Jordan Moran

Mr. Moran started his career at GET Solutions as an intern working in the soils and concrete lab where he gained insight into the vast array of certified and accredited testing procedures performed at GET on a daily basis. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with a concentration in Geology he now works as a project geologist who coordinates field and testing operations in geotechnical investigations as well as oversight in construction materials testing and inspections. He boasts experience in shallow foundation design for industrial, commercial and residential structures as well as experience with deep foundation testing through performing pile driving analysis (PDA), pile integrity testing (PIT), and a variety of load testing. He also has experience in the field; performing subgrade proofrolls, foundation subgrade bearing capacity verification, pre and post conditions surveys, as well as extensive experience installing geotechnical instrumentation; such as piezometers, extensometers, monitoring wells, inclinometers, vibration monitoring, and benchmarks for a wide array of projects.